ISCH COST Action IS1304

Expert Judgment Network: Bridging the Gap Between Scientific Uncertainty and Evidence-Based Decision Making

Most governments and the new European Union Chief Scientist support the concept of evidence-based decision-making in policy. However, there is a substantial gap between the science models relevant for cutting-edge research and those required for policy analysis. Science-based models often involve substantial uncertainty which require defensible and timely characterisation. The shortage and cost of timely empirical data inevitably requires scientific expert judgment. How this is best elicited is critical to a decision process, as differences in the robustness of elicitation methods can be substantial. Good examples, pioneered in Europe, do exist in specific areas of science, but generalizing and spreading this good practice into other disciplines is hard. Performed rigorously, expert elicitation and mapping of stakeholders’ views are powerful means for obtaining rational and scientifically founded assessments of uncertainty. This Action will utilize the COST framework to stimulate the emergence and spread of high quality evidence-based decision support methods to ensure that scientists can have a stronger influence on policy questions by interacting with policy makers and Chief Scientist offices. By including training for young scientists the Action helps create a new generation of scientists who are confident and able to bridge the gaps between science and policy.

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Upcoming Events

International Early Stage Researcher Training School - Madrid

Sunday 12th April to Wednesday 15th April, 2015

Applying Expert Judgement Methodologies to Real Problems - This Early Stage Researcher Training School will provide an introduction to the theory and practice of applying expert judgement methodologies in decision and risk analyses.

Workshop on Expert Judgement for Geographical and Adversarial Problems - Madrid

Wednesday 15th April - 17th April, 2015

Workshop on Expert Judgement for Geographical and Adversarial Problems - The Workshop will focus on two relevant applied areas which require innovative fundamental contributions from the expert judgement arena: geographical and adversarial uncertainties.

Expert Judgement in Health Workshop, Malta 2015

Wednesday 7th - Friday 9th October, 2015

A workshop with an Expert Judgement in Health theme is planned to be held in Malta - although the workshop will have a health theme, it will deal with other Expert Judgement based works, 

More information to follow!