Working Group 1: Processes and Procedures

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STSMs 2016/2017

The action has funded 6 STSMs over the coming months! 

Successful meeting on Project Risk & Asset Management Uncertainty Assessment

October 2016: The Action held a workshop on Project Risk & Asset Management Uncertainty hosted by colleagues at TU Delft

Expert Judgement Workshop, 26th August 2016

An expert judgement workshop is being held at the University of Strathclyde on Friday 26th August!

Work Group 1: Processes and Procedures

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This working group is concerned with the processes of eliciting expert judgment and operationalising these through procedures.  In particular, the various approaches to elicitation are of special interest and we recognize a need to develop processes that both support mutual understanding and minimise bias, in particular in group workshops. The particular context for elicitation is also important – what kind of decisions are being supported, who are the stakeholders, who are the decision makers, and so on.

Initial work will look at the following five key areas in particular, without being restricted only to these:

As with other workgroups, we recognize that approaches should be influenced by the different problem settings that we encounter in real world applications.